“Aj coaching style will take you into areas you least expert but where you need the most help, but did not realise at the time. With Aj’s coaching I have been able to connect better with my son, a relationship that was breaking down due to a divorce. I started to look at my life and connect with my self. The coaching was truly inspirational experience. Aj holds you accountable , she allows you to connect all the dots. I never thought I needed coaching, until I experienced these sessions with Aj and now wish I had started coaching a lot sooner. Aj is a great empowerment coach, and would recommend her to anyone, who wants to get their shit together.”

– Jason, M., England

“I would highly recommend using Aj for life coaching to help start momentum into setting and achieving your goals. She helped me to identify the obstacles which were holding me back and I feel far more optimistic in achieving my future goals and how to keep a positive mindset.”

– Jemma W., England

“I was at a point where my work was dominating my life. I felt unable to properly think through what was important to me and how I was going to go about achieving some of my life ambitions.

Through working with Aj as a professional life coach, it allowed me to set aside dedicated time and space from which to really challenge my own thinking. Aj didn’t tell me the answers, but her guided approach allowed me to find the solutions for myself. The entire process was effortless with Aj and enabled me to unscramble all the things that I wanted in life. At the end of the process, I produced a life plan and I displayed proudly in my home and became a centre piece to show and talk through with family and friends.

The whole process completely altered how I look at life and has allowed me to rebalance what is of most value and give me a real sense of direction!”

– James P., England

“Let me begin by saying I am sad to have finished my coaching sessions with Aj. I couldn’t have asked for a better first coach, she made me feel so comfortable and has completely changed my outlook on life.

We targeted so many areas of my life and each session I came out with a new tactic on how to deal with certain aspects, along with; staying positive, organisation, career and financial strategies and dealing with feelings and emotions. Being a first time mother as well she has been able to lay out first hand experience and I am honestly capable of now seeing things in a different light and striving for goals and having a clear path of how to achieve them.

I would recommend Aj as a coach to every person I know that is looking for direction, someone to talk to and guide you through the process of setting goals and constructing a path toward a more fulfilling, meaningful life and then hold you accountable as you work toward those goals.”

– Yasmin G., Spain

“It’s been so long, but yet it sometimes feel like yesterday when we met up. Facebook has certainly played a part in keeping me up to date with all your news.

Aj coached me in 2011 when I was at a cross-roads in my life. I had a successful career, yet my personal life and relationships were somewhat mixed and, as someone in their early 40’s I had a number of important decisions to make about starting a family.

Through a series of exercises and tasks, Aj helped guide me to figure out what my goals were and how to lay a path to successfully achieve them. She didn’t give me the answers, but helped me think though things and come up with the answers myself.

The sessions I had with her were over a number of months.

Since then, I now have a new partner, who I dearly love and this is reciprocated. I’m involved with his family and help bringing up his children. I’m successful in my career – having retrained to learn garden design, but also balancing with another role that is part-time that I enjoy. My work-play balance is really good and I’m lucky to be surrounded by fabulous family and friends. Overall, I feel in a really good place.

I’m so grateful for the coaching that Aj gave to me. It provided a sound grounding for my future.

As an aside, you continue to inspire through the posts that you share on Facebook – you achieve so much and yet are always very honest about your situation. I think social media can show an overly positive view of life, which is difficult to obtain, so it takes courage to share true feelings – so thanks for that. For example, having just turned 50 I’ve suddenly hit peri-menopause, and that was such a shock, so it’s great to see that life can be challenging and hard, but with determination and kindness we can overcome it 😊”

– Katie D. B., England

“In praise of Aj: I received several life coaching sessions from Aj a little over a year ago. At the time I had many areas of my life that I felt dissatisfied with and was keen to move forward from certain aspects that I felt were dragging me down. Aj started by asking me to focus on several areas that were troubling me most. I chose career, money and relationships. Aj began by asking me how I wished to improve on these and asked me to write down the changes I envisaged seeing. She quite rightly identified a low self esteem issue that was holding me back and encouraged me to ask my close friends and family to write down how they saw me, in order to boost this. After some positive feedback from loved ones I felt confident to move forward to planning the changes. Aj has a very person centred approach to her coaching sessions and every aspect was specifically tailored to my needs. She is a fantastic listener, has a very professional, positive and encouraging attitude and I genuinely felt that she was interested and cared about helping me move forward.

Since receiving my sessions from Aj I have had a book published (which had languished for two years on my laptop), moved back to my hometown and had a complete career change. I am also in a thriving new relationship and feel I have completely rid myself of my negative attitude towards the control I have over my life. Don’t get me wrong, Aj does not possess a magic wand and you do need to push yourself to achieve the tasks and goals that she sets you. There are some things you need to confront in yourself that may be difficult to face, but Aj is so extremely motivational and encouraging in her approach that I actually wanted to make the changes. She not only helped me to move forward and achieve my goals, but she also told me how proud she was of me when I achieved even the tiniest of steps forward.

I cannot recommend her services highly enough and I’d like to say I’d use them again, but she did such a good job the first time around, I’m afraid I don’t need to. I wish her every success in her chosen career and I genuinely feel she was born to help and motivate others.”

– Louise B., Scotland
“This is one of the most constructive activities, that I have done for myself. Aj gave me tools and activities to create a life plan for my retirement. Her supportive but questioning nature helped me confront areas of my life that needed attention. She was empathetic, inventive, and knowledgeable as we plowed through roadblocks that were keeping me from getting the most out of the best part of my life. Real growth and change are never easy.

The peace of mind is worth it. Thank you Aj.”

– Sue B., USA