What I Offer

You have to start somewhere…

Money Mindset

$1600 reduced to $800 if you sign up before the end of February 2024.

This coaching package is for you if you are feeling deflated, unfulfilled, frustrated and stuck in a rut. You feel life is going nowhere.

This program is designed to help you unlock your personal power and remove psychological or ancestral barriers to your success

On this 8 week journey, you will go from financial stress and limitations to creating abundance in your life and mastering your money mindset. We will do this by identifying your limiting beliefs and replacing them with more empowering thoughts, as well as proven methods to manage your behaviours and achieve financial success.

Or join my Money Mindset challenge

How does it work?

  • Groups of ten receive a total 28 days of coaching sessions
  • Practical application activities between sessions
  • One EFT and hypnosis session
  • WhatsApp support group

Only $200 per person in the group.

Healthy You Program

3 month program.

This programme is for you if you recognise that you need to be healthy and toned for the forthcoming summer. This programme is also for those who are dissatisfied with their body shape, putting your self down, thinking you’re not enough due to lack of self-belief. 

You may be making bad eating choices, emotionally eating, suffering with leaky gut syndrome and physically not fit.

You want to learn how to make healthy food choices, create good life long habits, learn how to enjoy exercise, make choices for you and your family and finally feel amazing.

This Package will make you

  • The master of your own fate.
  • Give you the answers as to why you are still struggling
  • Why you keep sabotaging yourself.

My mission is to help women see and believe that they are the masters of their own health. This supports you in healing your gut, to lose weight and get toned.

We will make these changes through nutrition, lifestyle change and controlling those negative thought patterns.

I don’t just help clients to heal their gut health but to build the unshakable confidence they need to take action towards their dreams and go from frustrated to unstoppable.

Having lost an incredible 198lbs in two years. I know exactly how I got there, all my emotional triggers and the work I had to do to remove this excess weight.

My program gives you daily positivity, affirmations and gratitude and an understanding of your food philosophy and emotional eating triggers

You will receive weekly meal plans, recipes and inspiration, share your plate and check in with what you’re eating daily to stay on track. Together we will monitor your exercise, water intake and sleep.

Monthly one to one EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) Tapping session to support you in changing your mindset around food. Work through your issues around gut health, food and lifestyle choices and use EFT tapping to work through all those sticky food related issues.

A personalised weekly meditation recording to help you relax and reset. A personalised manifestation recording so you can truly see the person you are to become.

All this plus full out-of-session, WhatsApp support.

One personal 1-2-1 sessions with me per month. Free admission to the Sail to Sucess signals from the lighthouse facebook page for daily gems.

$3,500 discounted to $3,000 if sign up before the end of February 2024.