Creating New Beliefs and Life Habits

At the age of 45, I stepped away from my “career”, I was no longer in control of my emotions and this was detracting from my ability to function at work and it was destroying my life. away from it. I needed to refocus my mind, reevaluate what was important, and recraft my beliefs.

The reason I chose to become a NLP Practitioner is bigger than me. It was for my well being, form fertility journey, my then husband and for others who were wanting to be more present for their families and communities. I needed to let go and refocus, as time was quickly running out to have the child I had yearned for but kept putting off as other things seemed more important. I believe that we all have the ability to live a bigger more fulfilling life, we just need to know how?

2020 has been frustrating and for many deflating, (and we are far from getting out of the woods yet).

Globally the world will change whether we want it to or not, it is not like any other year we have faced. I truly believe that every downfall that we experience makes us greater as the only way from a fall is to get back up. This is an opportunity for everyone to refocus on achieving their goals in order to feel energized moving forward. To support in some small way, I will be sharing personal content that inspires me through my blog on a range of topics from coaching, women’s issues, as well as positive and life-changing daily practices. I will share the tools that helped me focus, evolve as a person, as a businesswoman, and as a single mum to an 8-year-old who also offered new challenges.

If this resonates with you then feel free to connect with me so I can inspire the desire to change and give you the tools to help you evolve as a person to whatever it is you want to be.

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