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Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching? I have heard the word before, but I am still unclear about what it truly is?

Coaching is one of the most empowering and magical support systems you can have in your life. As a coach, I help my clients pause from their busy lives and make themselves a priority by focusing on their health and well-being. Together, we mindfully think about yourself in the now and intentionally create where you want to go. We don’t linger in the past (that tends to be more like a therapy model). We may dip into the past to learn from it, but we are more focused on how you can grow more fully in the present and into the future.

As your certified coach, we will empower your present and future self by building a toolkit to help you make mindful choices as you take charge of your life. As you start to prioritize your needs and desires, I will help you remove blocks and barriers that are preventing you from moving forward and doing what you love.

One of the most advantageous aspects of coaching is the accountability. I help hold you accountable to taking action and making positive change in your life. And even though I am right by your side as you take this journey, you are the one in the driver’s seat. We are solely focused on your agenda. This means as the client you get to show up, do the work, see and feel the change you create.

What type of coaching do you specialise in? And who is your typical client?

I am a certified coach NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Hypnotist. I specialise in helping busy professional women make themselves a priority in life by focusing on their growth & well-being. Typically, women who just faced or who are facing a life interruption and feel the ground beneath them tremble (i.e., just moved cities, countries, had a break up, entered a new relationship, started a new career, change direction, want to work with me on helping them get their life back on track and feel more grounded and in balance.

I help these women pause to drop the “shoulds”, the guilt and the fear they face on a daily basis by focusing on how they holistically take care of various aspects of their life. They are able to drop societal, familiar and social media expectations/pressures and instead focus on their true soul goals. They learn tips and tools to take charge of life vs feeling like life is swallowing them up. They get to enter into the drivers seat, feel energised, empowered and confident about the choices they make.

My typical client is usually anywhere from 40 to 65 years old, and feels stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of what’s next in life. I love working with smart, funny, creative, and loving women who are committed to doing the work and creating the change they want to see happen.

How long do you work with clients?
The coaching process is 3-6 months depending on the needs and desires of my clients.
What is the typical structure of your coaching programs?
I always offer potential clients a free 30-minute Discovery Session so that we can learn more about each other and how coaching can support them in their life. This is also an opportunity to make sure I am the best match for the client. If we are a match made in heaven, I then customise a program based on the client’s intentions and goals.

My coaching approach is peeling the layers and getting to your core. When you are strong and rooted in your core, you are then able to have energy to do the things you love and be love.

We first focus on grounding. This stage is all about building awareness and sharpening the lens in which you see and interactive with your world. You will be introduced to the 4 Pillars: curiosity, kindness, connection, and patience, which are foundational in you making yourself a priority. I will then teach you about the importance of energy in your life and how you can be empowered to control what you let into your mind, body and space.

The second phase is about you getting clear. You will understand who you are and what you value. We will begin to map the thoughts you create, the way you fuel your body, the way you move your body, the things and people you let into your space and the way you renew your energy. We will get clear on refining your core values, creating boundaries, outing your fear and empowering your beliefs.

The third phase is about thriving. After building your strong foundation in mind, body and soul, it is time for your truth and desires to be set free and shared with the world. You will clarify and share your visions and passions so you can give love to the projects and people in your life. Allowing your glow of love, empowerment and strength to vibe into the world.

Generally, I work with my clients for four consecutive weeks to create some momentum and flow and then we create more space in their life for integration and empowerment by meeting every other week. I work with my clients mostly on the phone to emphasise the power of deep listening and presence without distractions.

What are the results your clients typically get?

After just one session, my clients start to witness positive effects in their lives. They start to see their world through a different lens that automatically empowers them to be the captain of their ship.

By the end of three months, my clients feel like they are a bright positive and empowered light that get to cherish and savour all of the moments life has to offer. They feel empowered because life is no longer aimlessly happening to them, but instead, they are grounded, aligned and consciously creating it. This makes them feel more invested in their body, relationships, work and world.

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