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Aj - Life and Empowerment Coach

Hi, I’m Aj

I’m a Life and Empowerment Coach.

My passion and life’s work is helping individuals heal and transform from a place of frustration to a place of hope and empowerment.

I guide individuals in identifying their inner strengths and conquering their fears and the perceived barriers that hold them back.

3 Ways to Better Living

Feel stuck or wanting a breakthrough? Are you looking for more joy out of life?
I am here to support and move you forward using my 3-part program, 3-Ways to Better Living.
What I Offer

Free Workbook!

I have created workbooks that have straightforward questions and specific, doable actions to move you confidently toward the life you want.

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What they said…

She helped me to identify the obstacles which were holding me back and I feel far more optimistic in achieving my future goals and how to keep a positive mindset.

– Jemma W., England

Through working with Aj as a professional life coach, it allowed me to set aside dedicated time and space from which to really challenge my own thinking. Aj didn’t tell me the answers, but her guided approach allowed me to find the solutions for myself….

– James P., England

Let me begin by saying I am sad to have finished my coaching sessions with Aj. I couldn’t have asked for a better first coach, she made me feel so comfortable and has completely changed my outlook on life….

– Yasmin G., Spain

Through a series of exercises and tasks, Aj helped guide me to figure out what my goals were and how to lay a path to successfully achieve them. She didn’t give me the answers, but helped me think though things and come up with the answers myself….

– Katie D. B., England

Since receiving my sessions from Aj I have had a book published (which had languished for two years on my laptop), moved back to my hometown and had a complete career change. I am also in a thriving new relationship and feel I have completely rid myself of my negative attitude towards the control I have over my life….

– Louise B., Scotland

This is one of the most constructive activities, that I have done for myself. Aj gave me tools and activities to create a life plan for my retirement. Her supportive but questioning nature helped me confront areas of my life that needed attention…. 

– Sue B., USA

Frequently Asked Questions

What type of coaching do you specialise in? And who is your typical client?

I am a certified coach NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner and Hypnotist. I specialise in helping busy professional women make themselves a priority in life by focusing on their growth & well-being. Typically, women who just faced or who are facing a life interruption and feel the ground beneath them tremble (i.e., just moved cities, countries, had a break up, entered a new relationship, started a new career, change direction, want to work with me on helping them get their life back on track and feel more grounded and in balance.

I help these women pause to drop the “shoulds”, the guilt and the fear they face on a daily basis by focusing on how they holistically take care of various aspects of their life. They are able to drop societal, familiar and social media expectations/pressures and instead focus on their true soul goals. They learn tips and tools to take charge of life vs feeling like life is swallowing them up. They get to enter into the drivers seat, feel energised, empowered and confident about the choices they make.

My typical client is usually anywhere from 40 to 65 years old, and feels stuck, overwhelmed, and unsure of what’s next in life. I love working with smart, funny, creative, and loving women who are committed to doing the work and creating the change they want to see happen.

How long do you work with clients?
The coaching process is 3-6 months depending on the needs and desires of my clients.
What are the results your clients typically get?

After just one session, my clients start to witness positive effects in their lives. They start to see their world through a different lens that automatically empowers them to be the captain of their ship.

By the end of three months, my clients feel like they are a bright positive and empowered light that get to cherish and savour all of the moments life has to offer. They feel empowered because life is no longer aimlessly happening to them, but instead, they are grounded, aligned and consciously creating it. This makes them feel more invested in their body, relationships, work and world.